The truth or falsity of what actually happened that day is of secondary interest. The really important question is why do so many people, a significant portion of the population, think the government lies to the public? Is it because the government has told so many lies they know it should never be trusted?

The credibility of the United State government is at so low a point that ANYTHING it says, on ANY subject, must be treated as the statement of a convicted perjurer. Fine points of detail do not matter.

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This is a very good broad point. 9/11 opened many eyes to being distrustful of our government, and now that has doubled down and people expect more explanation. Nothing wrong with that, as it keeps us all free thinkers.

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What happened on 911? An Israeli-Neocon False Flag Operation is what happened...

1. The Project for a New American Century was written in Israel in 1996 under the name - A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. Requires a new Pearl Harbor for their plan. This is an update of the Yinon Plan of 1982- the Greater Israel Project. From the Nile to the Euphrates River...

2. Zionist Jew Silverstein purchased WTC 6 weeks prior. First time the WTC was ever put into Private Hands. Friends with Israeli Prime Ministers & Intelligence Services, along with Fed Reserve President & World Bank Presidents.

3. Zionist Jew Frank Lowy paid $127 million in May 2001 for a 99-year lease on the retail area beneath the New York World Trade Center. Member of the Golani Brigade & fought in the Israeli war of independence.

4. Zionist Jew Ronald S. Lauder was key individual who lobbied for the privatization of the WTC. Lauder has funded a school for the Mossad in Herzliya, Israel.

5. Airline Security Company at BOTH the Boston & Newark airports on 9-11 was a wholly-owned subsidiary of an Israeli company (ICTS). Most employees were ex- Shin Bet Israeli agents.

6. Security at the WTC was run by Kroll Associates, owned by Jules Kroll & Jerome Hauer (BOTH Jews). Hauers mother involved in the creation & maintenance of the State of Israel.

7. Zionist Jew Philip Zelikow (Jewish Dual Citizen of Israel) wrote the fraudulent 9 11 Commission Report.

8. Zionist Jew, Richard Perle, Chairman of Pentagons Defense Policy Board, was expelled from Sen. Henry Jacksons office in the 1970s after NSA caught him passing highly classified documents to Israel.

9. Dual Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff was assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the Justice Department; later, Director of Homeland Security.

10. Israeli messaging service Odigo sent AT LEAST 2 Israelis prior warnings on 9 11, 2 hours prior to attack. Odigo has offices in New York & in Herzliya, Israel. Herzliya happens to be the Head Quarters of Mossad.

11. Zionist Jew Pete Zalewski was the air traffic controller responsible for 2 of the planes on 911 & another plane full of top Pakistani military officials whose plane (Egyptian Fl990) crashed 2 years prior to 911.

12. Israeli Mossad Jews caught & arrested filming & celebrating WTC prior to & after 1st plane hits WTC. Jumping up & down, lighting lighters & holding them up in air.

13. Ted Olsen's wife supposedly placed an impossible cell phone call from on the plane during 9 11, Ted Olsen was Israeli Spy Jonathon Pollard's attorney.

14. Israeli Mossad Jews caught with explosives near George Washington Bridge on 9 11.

15. Zionist Jew Alan D. Ratners Metals Management merged with the SIMS group & the Hugo Neu Corporation & sold over 50,000 tons of crime scene evidence.

16. Over 60 Israeli spies arrested on 9/11 & days afterwards.

17. Zionist Jew Adam Pearlman is the AlQaeda spokesman. Lived with grandfather prior to joining AlQaeda, grandfather on board of ADL & huge Israeli supporter. His father helped run the Hippie Movement in SoCal then moved family to run a Kosher farm.

18. S.I.T.E. website releases AlQaeda tapes but is owned by an Iraqi Jew who was in Israeli IDF. Her father was an Iraqi Jew & was sentenced to hanging after being caught SPYING FOR ISRAEL in the 1967 war.

19. Zionist Jew Dov Zakheim was CEO of SPC International which developed Remote Control Flying Technology & leases Boeing 767 refuel tankers, the same planes used on 9 11. He also authored PNAC & was Comptroller of Pentagon when $2.3 Trillion went missing.

20. According to FBI, in the Year 2000 Israeli Mossad had penetrated secret communications throughout the Clinton administration, even Presidential phone lines.

21. After 9 11 Israeli Prime Minister Sharon said: We Jews own America & the Americans know it.

22. Popular Mechanics so-called (Debunking 9 11 Lies) article had as its senior researcher Benjamin Chertoff, the cousin of Dept of Homeland Security Head Michael Chertoff at the time, Israeli dual citizen.

23. Israeli Mossad pretends to be Al Qaeda in Palestine but is caught by the Palestinian Authority in 2002.

24. On Oct 10, 2001, just 30 days after 911, 2 MOSSAD agents, armed with Glock automatics, 9 grenades, explosives, wiring and detonators, were arrested in the Mexican Congressional building. El Diario reported they were carrying fake Pakistani passports. After intense diplomatic pre$$ure, including a special envoy from Tel Aviv, the 2 were quietly released, deported to Israel and the story, which had dominated Mexican media and press for days, completely vanished. There were 3 key Mexican govt officials, "Ladinos", involved in the negotiations: in the foreign affairs, defense and judicial depts.

25. November 2, 2001: FBI Fury As Israeli citizens With US Nuke Plans & Valid Israeli Passports Escape custody.

26. Israeli citizen Philip Zelikow led the 9 11 Commission Report.

27. US Army released on 10 Sept 2001 a study on Israel, which said: Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS Army Officers say: Wildcard. Ruthless & cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces & make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.

28. "In fact, the entire AIPAC apparatus, the largest lobbying organization in Washington (happened to be jewish), is currently engaged in a “full court press,” to stop congress from pushing for the release of the real report. Is this because the real report accuses Israel, not Saudi Arabia, and AIPAC wants the Murdoch/Sperry story to stand?"

29. "The real report, called “shocking” by the legislators, who have called for President Obama to declassify the entire report, proves that there was no al-Qaeda involvement, no reason to invade Afghanistan or Iraq and no reason to hunt CIA operative, Colonel Tim Osman, also known as “Osama bin Laden.”"

30. "In 2007, the FBI flew a team to Bangkok to interview former Soviet nuclear intelligence specialist Dimitri Khalezov. Khalezov told the FBI that, in the morning of September 12, 2001, he attended a breakfast gathering with Mossad Operations Chief Mike Harari and his son along with other Israeli operatives.

Khalezov reported to the FBI that this gathering was to celebrate the 9/11 attacks, not as Netanyahu had said, as a “fortunate happenstance for Israel” but as a Mossad attack on the United States."

31. "Thus far, the initial report to congress on the Bush falsification does not qualify as a leak. Only Bush stands accused, the 9/11 perpetrators are still safe, their identities still protected by security protocols maintained by President Obama, despite congressional demands."?

32. Israeli Mossad Motto: "By way of Deception, thou shalt do war." (Motto Removed prior to 9 11).

33. “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

34. Ehud Barak, the prime minister of Israel until March of 2001, came to the U.S. shortly after leaving office. He came, ostensibly, to work as a special advisor for Electronic Data Systems and as a consultant with SCP Partners, a Mossad-run private equity company focused on "security related" work. SCP Partners did business with Metallurg Holding, Inc., as well as Advanced Metallurgical Group, both sharing the same Wayne, PA address. AMG specializes in the production of the same super-thermite used to collapse the three skyscrapers on 9/11.

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The author of this article, Michael Shermer is IMO a sleazeball, a liar and a disinformationist. I scanned through this article and found too many lies that completely proved what I'm saying. I've watched this jerk for years and he never changes - he is always trying to debunk the truth. I've been a researcher for 25 yrs, and I am fact-based. I also know many scientists, and they knew from the get go that it had to be explosives - as did many architects, airline pilots and engineers. In fact, a number of people from these 3 groups got together - at least 1,000 IIRC, and PROVED it had to be explosives. I was a flight attendant for many years and was taught in training that airplanes are made of very light metal because they need to be lightweight so they can fly; there is NO way an airplane of such thin metal would have brought down a steel structure such as the WTC towers that day. NO WAY IN HELL. I was a flight attendant for many years and was taught this in training. In addition, there is a ton of evidence PROVING it had to be explosives that were used. Shermer is an arrogant liar and a traitor to truth, I've caught him in numerous lies.

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Any time a Professional Skeptic is involved in the analysis of major events like 911, Dandy Hoaks, Boston Smoke Bomb etc and things such as Nasa, Scamdemics, vaxxes and Clotshots, they always take the side of Govt/ industry.

Shermer was interviewed by Del Bigtree on vax safety and naturally he sides with the manufacturers/govt. It was pathetic to watch him, and no, he will NOT be updating his findings to reflect the actual truth.

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WTC was not an isolated incident. Other structures have also been threatened with thermite bombs and digital detonators inductively coupled to grid power, with digitally-encoded radio detonators. The Carter Administration ordered some $30 billion in spending to remove sabotage devices from nuclear power plants then under construction, after threats to plant such weapons in buildings being constructed, apparently discovered in the course of the Unabomber investigation, were deemed credible.

NRC's failure to consider that the Three Mile Island incident was the result of deliberate sabotage to water and steam piping, leading to overheat and core damage, led to accusations by the Lyndon LaRouche Organization that the plant was deliberately sabotaged to block further use of nuclear energy. However an equally-probable scenario is that the low-grade sabotage which left the power plant repairable, provided a cover story to saw into concrete walls at dozens of nuke plants under construction, in which thermite bombs had been embedded as the concrete was being poured...precisely as terrorists had threatened in a 1973 anonymous letter sent to media including AP and UPI. At least three other sites appear to have been targeted:

1) A bridge in Minneapolis that collapsed without warning on August 1, 2007 carrying traffic on the I-35 freeway

2) Both towers of the WTC and perhaps also Bldg 7, brought down in 2001

3) The Alfred Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City.

It is likely that Soviet agents took part in planting all the explosives at all these sites. The capacity to cause mass damage and public panic, without a formal act of war, would have empowered the Soviets to force a US tactical retreat at some point, perhaps a UN vote authorizing the 1980 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan with no US opposition?

Like all land mines, once planted, they remain dangerous. Someone apparently paid a Soviet intelligence source for the detonation codes, to make the 2001 attack work. A previous 1994 effort to cause sympathetic detonation by detonating a truckload of stolen dynamite in the WTC garage, did not trigger any of the thermite charges to explode. This is understandable if the Soviet detonators were electric and not shock sensitive. The damage from the 1994 effort was repaired and the building was occupied 7 more years, until 9/11/01.

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Excellent points, Bob, as usual. Waiting for the author to respond to any of them.

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Thank you for this info!

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My pleasure. I was an expert witness in one of the OKC bombing cases and DOJ dropped charges against that defendant to avoid a jury trial that would have resulted in actual facts being shown to a jury. For the next five years I was constantly being chatted up by criminals who needed to work out a plea bargain, and sought to discredit me in order to help the Government's cover-up of the 1973 bomb plot to continue. Each such crook expected to be rewarded with a plea bargain for his own crimes, by facilitating this one. The most annoying of them claimed to be a child psychologist from Russia, who spoke English with a Texas accent. I established that this "Russian immigrant" did not speak a word of Russian but he was too dense to realize he'd flunked the test. I later matched his face to an FBI Most Wanted poster, as one of two men posing as Boston police officers who robbed an art museum of millions of dollars worth of old Chinese art objects, by handcuffing the museum's night-shift guards before hauling away the loot. I mailed the FBI a letter describing how to find this man and he vanished.

I'd love to meet other students of this crime and see what can be learned.

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I love the story about the "Russian" - with a Texas accent. This guy sounds like a great example of the Village Idiot - a real prize I'm sure. Sounds like you've had a VERY interesting life! Have you ever thought of writing a book about your experiences?

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The most important truth of 9/11 is that death and injury were staged meaning that 9/11 was essentially a glorified exercise cum demolition job. How do you get demolition crews to only partly evacuate buildings before destroying them? Plus, it's extremely obvious that hundreds of people were involved - the media, agency staff, etc


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Agreed; the other important truth is that it was done by our own govt.

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You were a flight attendant. That changes everything!

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I'm mean -- really -- why did those aircraft carriers even worry about some rinky-dink Japanese zero crashing into them? It's not like an airplane has ever crashed into a skyscraper in Manhattan before, either. ;-)

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You need to educate yourself on the making of and the materials of modern airliners. The aluminum used as almost as hard as steel.

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy 6061-T6

This alloy is best known for its high corrosion resistance and finish. It is easy to weld and has almost the same strength as mild steel. Grade 6061-T6 is often used to make landing mats for aircraft, truck bodies, and frames as well as structural components. It can be fabricated using the most common techniques which is an excellent property.


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When you are trained and educated on how airplanes are made - yes, it does change things.

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I worked as an avionics mechanic for 20 years.

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Michael, I'm curious about your thoughts on the U Alaska report on building 7: https://ine.uaf.edu/projects/wtc7/ . In particular: "The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building."

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When Bush again admitted 9/11:


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Revelation of the Method! Haven't seen that one before.

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As I understand it analysis of the debri from the collapse of the WTC twin towers showed the fingerprint of thermite, a demolition explosive that cuts steel. I believe the New York firefighters union is still pursuing this matter!

Also there were live TV reports being given at the time saying WTC 7 had collapsed. In one instance the reporter was giving this news report live with WTC 7 clearly visible an the shot behind him/her, and still stand ing . Figure that one out!

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Love Bret -- but his take on the WT7 issue left me scratching my head. How on earth could anyone rig three buildings in a union town, in downtown Manhattan, with literally tons of explosives and det cord is just too much to ask. Similarly, the hostages and highjackers that disappeared that day -- were they on the planes? Was the "Let's Roll" phone call from the Pennsylvania jet spoofed as well?

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They were privately owned buildings.

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All you would need is telephonic detonators for Nanothermite. Nanothermite was found in the dust of the debris field. Planted on the steel columns in elevator shafts could be accomplished within a week with a sufficient crew. Ace Elevators happened to be upgrading the systems in the WTC towers. in the weeks leading up to September 11.

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Do you know what column loading is? So the steel at base, 47 box columns, failed all the way to the ground? If your an engineer, your not a good one.

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There are many problems with the terms "conspiracy theory" and "conspiracy theorist", a very obvious one being that a relevant professional who simply puts forward their refutation of a claim made by the government is not calling "conspiracy" nor theorising, they are simply putting forward an argument according to their expertise. To call what they say "conspiracy theory" is a strawman argument, they're not calling conspiracy ... but perhaps you are? Perhaps it's you inferring a conspiracy from what they say, perhaps it's YOU who are the conspiracy theorist!

The professionals below put forward their professional opinions on the building destructions on 9/11. They don't mention conspiracy and they don't put forward theories, rather they challenge the validity of the claims by NIST according to their professional expertise.

Tom Sullivan - Explosives Loader; Casey Pfeiffer - Structural Engineer; Ron Brookman - Structural Engineer; Steven Dusterwald - Structural Engineer; David Topete - Civil and Structural Engineer; Kamal Obeid - Civil and Structural Engineer; Robert McCoy - Architect; Les Young - Architect; Stephen Barasch - Architect; Kathy McGrade - Metallurgical Engineer; Niels Harrit - Chemist; Jerry Lobdill - Chemical Engineer and Physicist; Mark Basile - Chemical Engineer; Tony Szamboti - Mechanical Engineer; Richard Humenn - Chief Electrical Design Engineer; Lt Col Robert Bowman - Aeronautical and Nuclear Engineer; Robert Podolski - Physicist and Engineer.

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out (58m)


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The best approach is to look at the irrefutable facts:

1. Both NIST and critics of the 9/11 narrative agree that 2.25 seconds of freefall occurred in the collapse of WTC-7 and outside actual freefall the building fell at very close to freefall during its entire 6.5 second collapse.


Stage 2 (1.75 to 4.0 seconds): gravitational acceleration (free fall)

2. Freefall of a high rise steel frame building can only occur where all the supports give way at the same time and the only way that can occur is with a controlled setup, generally explosives.

There is nothing in the footage of the building's destruction that isn't consistent with a controlled demolition while there is absolutely nothing consistent with an uncontrolled destruction by fire including not a lick of flame visible from any of the seven vantage points (https://youtu.be/Vgx8Uwo-Vxc) from which the destruction was filmed. Not a lick of flame. Anyone know of a high rise steel frame building that has ever come down by fire before at all? But if you do ... without showing a lick of flame?

Here are lots of high rise steel frame buildings on fire which didn't come down. http://www.serendipity.li/wot/other_fires/other_fires.htm

Common sense people, blow away the magic propaganda dust. A building's destruction cannot show the signature of a controlled demolition while showing zero of the signature of a destruction by fire and yet be a destruction by fire.

And there are relevant professionals telling us:

Fire Protection Engineer, Scott Grainger - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmw9iql4e64

”Steel structural frame buildings, high-rise buildings, simply do not collapse due to fire. There has never been until 9/11 an experience where there was a high-rise building that was steel frame completely collapsed.”

Fire Protection Engineer, Ed Munyak - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0QEutd1Unc

“I became fascinated with the government’s version of the events on 9/11 because this was totally contrary to anything I’d ever experienced either working in the field of fire safety or knowing what I know about mechanical engineering. It defies many fundamentals of mechanics and materials and physics and just many fundamental engineering concepts.”

Structural Engineer, Ron Brookman - https://youtu.be/TM_l_4sJ-sY?t=93

“When I first looked at the films of Tower 7, I automatically assumed and concluded - pretty close, quickly - that it was a controlled demolition. I didn't think it was worth a lot of extra effort to dig into the various details of the building in order to refute that.”

Structural Engineer, Ron Brookman AUTOMATICALLY ASSUMED it was a controlled demolition because a controlled demolition cannot be confused with any other kind of destruction, especially not a destruction by fire where there is no fire! Hello??? No fire, not a lick.

But the secret to 9/11 isn't that it was under the auspices of the US government with massive complicity from various co-conspirators, the secret is that it was essentially a massive Full-Scale Anti-Terror Exercise where the death and injury were staged.


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One of the best books that covers the reality behind the attack on 11 September 2001 is "Surprise Attack" by Larry Hancock.


His conclusions are quite different than that of the "Truthers", in that what we had was more an act of negligence on the part of the Bush White House rather than a conspiracy. In many ways 911 can be compared to Pearl Harbor, as both Roosevelt and Bush were so focused on crises elsewhere ( Roosevelt- The Philippines, Bush -Europe and the Middle East.), that they neglected to pay attention to warnings and were caught completely unawares. In both cases more dereliction of duty than a deliberate plot.

I suspect that the reason why so many believe in these wild fantasies is that we the people have been lied to so often by our institutions, and that the Government has in the past committed real crimes, so that trust no longer exists.

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9/11 conspiracies seem so strange to me. It's not exactly a mystery why al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization with a twenty-year record of mayhem (1993 WTC bombing, East Africa bombings, USS Cole), would assault America in such an appalling way.

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Whatever their intentions might be, the still unsolved mystery is in how they managed what they allegedly managed.

Cynthia McKinney. former Democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate for the Greens party, 2008, asked in Congress, "Whether or not the activities of the four war games happening on the morning of 9/11 impaired the military’s ability to respond to the attacks?” The response by General Richard Myers, Acting Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11, was:

“The answer to the question is no, it did not impair our response, in fact General Eberhart who was in the command of the North American Aerospace Defense Command as he testified in front of the 9/11 Commission I believe … I believe he told them that it enhanced our ability to respond, given that NORAD didn’t have the overall responsibility for responding to the attacks that day, that was an FAA responsibility. But there were two CPXs [Command Post Exercises]; there was one Department of Justice exercise that didn’t have anything to do with the other three and there was an actual operation ongoing because there was some Russian bomber activity up near Alaska.”


I call this gobbledygook. What do you call it?

In your own words, how do you explain the US multi-trillion dollar military and intelligence infrastructure suffering catastrophic failure four times in one morning including penetration of Defence HQ.

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Behind the Smoke Curtain - The 9/11 Pentagon Attack by Barbara Honegger


Barbara Honegger's presentation titled "Behind the Smoke Curtain" in Seattle's Town Hall Theater, January 12, 2013, on what happened and what didn't happen at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

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A Critique of Michael Shermer: ‘The Truth About 9/11 Truth

By William Whitten | 9/26/2023


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I have a rebottle to your article above in my own Substack. Just need to copy my text from word doc and copy it to Substack.~ William Whitten

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Re. the impacts of planes hitting buildings, this article also lists eight or so other plane/high rise building impacts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1945_Empire_State_Building_B-25_crash

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At first glance, it seemed you did a fantastic job gathering engineering and metal experts to explain the physics behind the melted steel. It honestly made me feel much better to understand how plausible their explanations are.

And in my haste, I prematurely cross-posted it to my audience. However, I have reconsidered the plausibility of the buildings turning to dust, finding that the biggest gap in the above isn't what was said. It is in what is missing: the math.

I'm not a mechanical engineer but if I were, the first thing I would supply would be: the math. I want to see formulae.

The second thing conspicuously missing: the authors answers to questions. This is what all legitimate Substack authors do: answer questions.

And the third missing point is providing expertise or explanation for additional occurrences outside of 9/11 (i.e., by answering questions)

Because if you have expertise or insight in one area, you should have it in another. Appreciate the thought-provoking exercise but like @BobSchubring above, am left with more questions than answers. And a lack of interaction defies credibility.

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Yeh , an office fire and 40 tons of jet fuel, made a 100,000 steel structure disappear. Look at the slow mo footage.

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