I take no position on vaccination safety because I do not have enough information to take one. And I do not think anyone else has either. As far as I know, all the ''information'' available comes from official government sources and the orthodox medical establishment, neither of which is unbiased and reliable and neither of vwhich should be trusted any more than their opponants. I know of no independent sources of information.

All I know is that some people are saying vaccination is safe and some others are saying it is not. If one disregards the official position of the ones who happen to be employed by the government or the orthodox medical / scientific industry, there is no way short of conducting one's own study to decide between them.

Lacking any sources of reliable and unbiased information, I would advise anyone who asked me not to allow themselves to be pushed or coerced into being vaccinated or allowing their children to be vaccinated. As soon as any form of presure is applied by employers, schools, business, or governments, the whole matter ceases to be a medical or scientific issue and becomes a civil liberties issue.

The right of an individual to decide on hiis or her own medical matters is an absolute one and takes precidence over any claims of potential public harm. It is my responsibility to look after my own health and the responsibility of other people to take care of theirs.

I do not accept responsibility for other people's health. My current policy is to refuse vaccination on civil libertiies grounds regardless of if it is safe or not. The imposition of a medical dictatorship is a far worse menace than any disease could ever be. To fight it, I am willing to take my chances with any disease.

The unprecidented presure in recent years to coerce unwilling people into accepting vaccination against covid, regardless of if covid is a serious menace or not, is an intolerable attack on civil liberties and must be fought on all fronts.

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My understanding is that RFK, Jr. does not only cite Wakefield. Supposedly he cites hundreds of papers that allegedly show a connection between childhood vaccines and autism. I believe all of the citations are in his book _Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak_. Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding, or if you've somehow addressed this point and I missed it.

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There is ample undeniable evidence to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that vaccination and clean water have been the greatest medical/scientific boon to the human race. The problem is that not sufficient of our numbers are well educated, or intelligent enough appreciate that, although even Kennedy is perhaps just about smart enough to drink clean water.

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In the 60's there was an uproar over the possibility of the US requiring everyone to wear a seatbelt in the car. The same arguments about civil liberties used during COVID were used then too. Nonetheless, the data showed the benefits of wearing a seatbelt far outweighed the costs of not wearing one, not to mention the potentials for injuring other people in the car or local transportation having to scrape your smeared carcass off the road (which in turn held up daily traffic even more than necessary).

Should one person's right not to vaccinate infringe upon the rights of people not to get sick from easily preventable diseases? Should one person's right not to vaccinate infringe upon the rights of those that are immunocompromised who could easily die from such diseases? Should one person's ignorance about vaccines be equal to another person's knowledge? These are the questions that many, like seatbelts, would typically answer "no" to.

I'm all for liberty, but we also can't have liberty without collective responsibility. We have the freedom to drive so long as we all obey the traffic laws. We have the freedom to purchase goods and services so long as we all agree to pay taxes. The argument here was we'd all have the freedom to go about our lives again if we all agreed (and were medically capable) to be vaccinated.

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Regardless of Wakefield’s actions, there has been an astounding increase in the number of children with autism… From something like one in 10,000 to a current one in 34 in the US… This understandably leads to people looking for a culprits, and it explains the strength of the anti-VAX movement, and that there are correlations Which appear to be quite powerful. Diagnostic changes to the definition of autism do not explain this profound increase, and other than some thoughts about neonicotinoids and other herbicides there does not seem to be any other explanation as powerful as vaccines.

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For a different perspective on the possible link between vaccines and autism, see articles by Sharyl Attkinsson [1] in which she briefly reviews some of the studies [2-4] that Shermer and the mainstream media ignore or censor.

Shermer and the media reflexively try to smear and silence people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [5], calling him a kooky "conspiracy theorist" and "anti-vaxxer" who is spreading "dangerous misinformation." Actually, like Sharyl Attkinsson, RFK Jr. is pro-vaccine [6] but believes that people should be free to question vaccine safety without being bullied, smeared, or censored.

1. http://sharylattkisson.com/medical-vaccine-links/#Other

2. https://sharylattkisson.com/2016/11/what-the-news-isnt-saying-about-vaccine-autism-studies/

3. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/vaccines-and-autism-a-new-scientific-review/

4. https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/425061-how-a-pro-vaccine-doctor-reopened-debate-about-link-to-autism/

5. https://twitter.com/i/status/1672014260480901120

6. https://www.foxnews.com/video/5405669524001

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Good reading , only one thing to say. The difference between the MMR vaccine and the covid vaccine is that the MMR vaccine stopped the spread of the diseases and prevented one from getting infected, can we say that about the the vaccination for covid?

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Very interesting article. Clearly, the culture around some scientific disciplines and their publishers need their head examined.

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You write, "The evidence for the link is not only nonexistent, it never existed". Leat you believe RFK Jr is accepting anecdotes wholesale as scientific proof, I daresay you have not examined the "ecvdence" he cites.

Likewise, the evidence of anthropogenic global warming skeptics I believe has gone unexamined by you. I hope, at minimum, you have examined the fraud perpetuated by the world leading climate scientist in "Climategate"* and "Climategate 2" to, as Mann wrote, that they needed to find a way to "hide the decline" in temperatures, declines that poked holes in his theories and models - and that they did indeed find a way to do so. Even the current outlandish claims recently labeled "global boiling"* are resultant from largely non-measured data but hypothetical estimates for weather stations; stations that have been taken down rn-masse by NOAA, but somehow are still providing temperatures**.

And contrary to what you seem to be claiming,,l the evidence for the latter is far more compelling than the evidence for vaccine induced autism. I would request that you watch Tony Heller's (of realclimateacience dot com notoriety) recent "Climate Fakery" Youtubr & Rumble series (and not just one or two videos, but all 22 - as some are quite cursory).

So before expressing certainty that no exists for these topics, that consensus exists, or that consensus is anyway related to truth, that you actually review the data and evidence put forth by the claimants of these theories you readily dismiss.

Before attributing RFK Jr's belief in in vaccine-induced Autism to susceptibility to fraud, and his belief in Anthropogenic climate change to alleged "consesnus" (a consensus which objectively does not exist - again I beg that you watch Tony Hellers's latest entries in his recent "climate fakery" series, in one of which he goes over the a subject that he (and sites such as wattsupwiththat dot com) frequently debunk.

And I would note that "consensus" is irrelevant to the scientific method, and oft its results directly contradicts with what turns out to be truth.

Please read/watch the evidence, particularly on Anthropogenic climate-change, that those who do not follow the orthodoxy.

RFK and the like, who are critics of "the consensus" are not unintelligent, nor suggestible people who have had the wool pulled over their eyes - but rather those who are willing to peak through the gaps in then wool.

Please humor me, at least on the climate change front, and watch/read the counter-narrative.

In 1971 we were told of impending ice age.

In 1989 we were told of imlendong disaster by 2000 of sea level rise.

In 2000 we were told of impending disaster of sea level rise that would affect our shores by 2023.

Most people don't even know how the climate models have been "adjusted" to claim the it was actually cooler than recorded in early 20th century...

**Most don't know that we are using less than half of number of actual NOAA/NASA thermometers for ocean temrpatures than we used 40 years ago, and that instead of removing those from the data set, they instead estimate what that data should be. Conveniently the estimates prop up the new "global boiling" claims.

And mark the their claims well that this would be the worst Hurricane/Tropical-Storm season on record, when the reality is that it will another typical year.

*Most don't know that the heat wave of the early 1930's was removed from climate models. Most are unaware of Climategate, where Mann intentionally found a way "hide the decline" in temperatures in the historical record that would hurt his now famous / infamous "hockey stock" graph.

Most don't know that all historical measures of thermometer-recorded temperatures in the USA were decreased in the record prior to the year 1940 (the year could be wrong), woth the ludicrous claim that there was some kind of universal reason that all of those recorded temperatures were recorded as too warm.

Anyways I the above is a scratch, on a scratch, on the surface of the massive failuea and fraud involved in the climate modeling.

Not one climate model has been accurate 10 years later - nor even close. Unless you consider models made by mathematicians/statisticians/engineers who have made their own models that do not exclude inconvenient data or include data that was not actually measured aliterally the current climate models are models based largely upon already moddeled-data, and exclude any data that hurts their desired outcome for their models.

Be it from the UN's IPCC or The USA's NOAA/NASA, you will only get the BILLIONS of dollars in funding if you predict scenarios that support the doomsday belief/religion of Anthropogenic-climate-cuange's acolytes, and provide rationale for the expansion of Governmental powers and tje expansion if Tran-National bodies' powers'.

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He’s uneducated on a number of topics he holds forth on.. like Rogan. In his case, virtually no one would bother listening to him, about anything, but for his namesake. It is telling, and depressing, that know-nothings like he, Rogan, and more importantly Trump, have such a ‘following’.

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I totally agree with you and am 100 % pro vaccine. Now that RFK is running for president and people are "liking" him, I have a big problem: I can't reconcile his long standing position on vaccines and then believe he could be president. If he is unable to change his mind on vaccines after talking to so many experts (who should have more credibility than the average Joe or discredited scientists or Jenny McCarthy), then how could anyone think of him as Presidential material??

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Ah, another shill talking head. We will remember all of you fraud pushers who are breaking the law. The science linking autism to vaccines is far more compelling than the clearly corrupt few studies saying the opposite. Suggesting the same companies that have paid 10 billion in criminal fines in the last decade are not going to be corrupt for vaccines where they have complete legal immunity is something only a complete moron would accept

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It is estimated that 1 in 100 people in Australia have Autism. In 2018 there were 205,200 Australians with Autism, a 25.1% increase from the 164,000 in 2015 (Source: ABS SDAC 2018– Autism in Australia). What is the problem with the US? Okay I could answer that, but really, there are lots of reasons that autism might exist in a population, vaccinations are but one of them.

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Thanks for this. I know several people who are gravitating to Kennedy and away from Trump. That's hard to figure, The only similarity I can perceive is that they both peddle conspiracy theories.

Question: have you looked into Kennedy's allegations against Tony Fauci and the administration of the COVID response? I believe he accuses Fauci of funding research for the virus and maintains that COVID was all a plot by the US military.

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Hey Shermer - why dont you round up Deer and any other so-called vaxx professional and have them debate RFK directly; you know why they wont....ego, cowardice, embarrassment and they are paid not to debate. Im for medical freedom NOT medical dictatorship - if the vaxx was healthy and safe it would sell itself...........BUT instead they had to lock down the entire globe for the f..king FLU and force people to take an experimental jab that rolled out in 18 months and if they didnt they risked losing their job (newsflash Mike - There is high probability they had the C-shot already made before the pandemic rolled out) - There has never been a safe and effective vaxx for the purposes of preventing anything plus why do Pharma manufacturers receive FULL INDEMNITY against vaxx health damages while raking in billions!! Why dont you look into Ed Dowd's research - better yet read "The Truth About Vaccines" by Dr Richard Halvorsen, Thomas Cowan, Sayer Ji's Green Med Info research, or Andrew Kaufmann?? instead Wakefield is a fraud because the a**hole health czar Bill Gates & MSM said so??.......... or you can just keep lining up like a good docile servant taking the shot / boosters and see how you do......herd immunity is a joke, germ theory is a joke ALL Fear mongering by those in power who want total control. Divide and conquer is the game right down to every cell in your body; we live in a war-based economy; war on everything from agriculture, climate, energy, race, sex, gender, economy, health, the sun, you name it, there is war for everything......even debating is a war because its deductive NOT inductive.............I practice holistic / orthomolecular therapy / medicine on myself and I didnt get COVID, never got the shot and never took a PCR test and Im doing better than everyone that took the shot(s) - Have fun boosting up Mike - Yours truly - Anti-Vaxxer

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Very well argued, Michael.

I wish Joe Rogan had offered you the debate challenge. Peter Hotez is really coming across poorly right now.

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