I doubt that any single word can replace "woke". And I suggest that ceding use of this word only panders to the woke, and their attempts to achieve speech equity through speech inequality.

The only other use of a single word that came close was "smug", but in the context defined in a South Park episode, where the lads had to rescue a friend, and their town, from a miasma of wokeness.

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1) I think “anointed” is a good replacement. However…

2) Language should be clear and precise. Presently, when you say “woke”, I know exactly what you mean, to whom you refer. 5 years ago I would have had to query urban dictionary, and perhaps in 5 more a naturally occurring substitute will arise. It could be it’s “anointed”, “elect”, or something Twitter hasn’t thought of yet.

3) Impressed it took 24 hours for you get a “coincidental” reply from SciAm. Well done.

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Well said, Michael.

You're a good role model. Always civil and respectful.

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Just glad you did not finish that last sentence with "truth, justice, and the American Way."

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Simply vased on Helmuth's inflammatory language I don't see her as fit to be managing editor of a magazine like Scientific American (regardless of where I may come out on the subject).

As to "woke" - I associate that with virtue signalling people eager to be on the barricades. Woke – or overly PC – people give the impression of feeling morally superior, not listening, shouting down (thus lacking intellectual integrity and objectivity), being hypocritical and convinced of their righteousness. I believe this turned enough people off to Trump to give him the edge in 2016, and that it boosted Trumpism after that. I don't know if there can be a neutral word for whatever "woke" was meant to mean. I thought originally it meant enlightened, but nobody should ever call him/herself enlightened without expecting to be laughed out of the room. I certainly don't think of you (Shermer) as woke in the pejorative sense.

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